Issue 3

PHL hosts International Maritime Org confab
‘Safety of Ships Carrying Passengers on Non-International Voyages,’ set Apr 24th



Department of Transportation and Communication Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya expresses his appreciation to all MARINA employees for their hard work and for making the maritime industry in the global position it is now, including the Filipino seafarers who have contributed great to the world’s demand for personnel. He also conveys his congratulatory statement to MARINA Administrator Dr. Maximo Q. Mejia Jr for paving “the way toward the continuous development of the country’s maritime industry and in enabling the Philippines to maintain its global maritime status.”

Meanwhile, MARINA Administrator Dr. Maximo Q. Mejia Jr, expresses his appreciation to the IMO:
“The Philippines acknowledges the strong position taken by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in offering this technical assistance to capacitate “commonly situated Member States” to look into the various issues and concerns attendant to vessel seaworthiness, the need to insure crew competence, and the provision of essential aids-to-navigation.”

The one-day conference will cover in-depth analysis on safety, identification of hazards through formal safety assessment tools, a look on the ASEAN-Japan transport project for improvement and harmonisation of safety standards and ship inspection for coastal ships and guidelines for setting the navigation areas in ASEAN countries. Confab sessions shall also deal with guidelines of the development of safety regulation for domestic passenger ships based on the Japanese experience, and on moving towards a safety culture in domestic ferry safety in the Pacific region.

Also, presentations of guidelines relating to the purchase of second-hand ships, ships subject to a change of route or area of operation, and ships subject to conversion or modification, and guidelines relating to the counting of number of persons on board, voyage planning and enforcement activities undertaken by administrations will be discussed, including the guidelines on the safe operation of coastal and inter-island passenger ships not engaged in international voyages.

All the discussions will be considered and adopted to an outcome document that will aid in the formulation or enhancement of safety standards of ships carrying passengers in non-international voyages.

Guest speakers are a mix of maritime experts, specialists, and consultants worldwide. Delegates from IMO member nations are expected to arrive Thursday, April 23.


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