Issue 7

41 and going remarkably great!

BOODLE FIGHT dinner highlights the celebration of MARINA’s 41st anniversary, which starts 9AM and ends 9PM, this June 1, 2015.

ABROAD ON official capacity, MARINA administrator Dr. Maximo Q Mejia Jr sends his wishes to the agency on the occasion of its 41st founding year.

Mejia writes, “As we pass another milestone in the celebrated life of the Maritime Industry Authority, let us pause to thank the good Lord for showering upon everyone in MARINA His blessings of strength, inspiration, health and goodwill.”

Further, the maritime administrator enjoins everyone “to commemorate this auspicious day in a simple but most meaningful manner.

“Let us take this anniversary as an opporunity to be proud of the work of your predecessors and take even greater pride in your own daily contribution to bulding upon the strong foundations they have laid down.”

He also calls on everyone to stay true to the sworn commitment to render faithful service to the public.

Happy birthday, MARINA!



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