Enforcement Service sets out safety campaign

The MARINA Enforcement Service (ES) sets out an educational campaign on safety at sea among sea-going passengers, including ship owners and operators, traversing inter-island routes. With printed brochures and internet-published materials, the campaign is expected to reach a wide range of sea travelers. The material, divided into three parts, features basic safety information for ship passengers, ship owners’ and operators’ basic responsibilities, and the common violations and penalties for the public to be aware of.

Ligtas Biyaheng Dagat e-Campaign (downloadable, mobile-friendly PDF version)

“Instilling a culture of safety in the minds of the public that travels by sea, through inter-island sea transport facilities is a good start,” Atty. Herschel F. Magracia explains. Also, he adds, “knowing what must be done can now initiate and cultivate a habit of making sure that everything is safe, sound and secure.”

Ligtas Biyaheng Dagat e-Campaign (mobile-responsive web version)

“A culture of safety is one of MARINA’s major thrusts as it involves everyone within the scope of such a seemingly simple activity of transporting people, goods, and cargoes yet it engages an intricate and interlaced web of systems and policies among regulators, enforcers, business managers, shippers, owners, operators, and so on, to the public at large,” says MARINA Administrator Dr. Maximo Mejia Jr.

The campaign is all-year round and reminders need to be hammered down prior school breaks or holidays — the time when most of our fellowmen plan to travel the seas. The material is prepared in Filipino and the “Violations and Penalties” section are presented in English.