Filipino seafarers vital to international shipping – Dr. Manuel, WMU professor

DR. MICHAEL MANUEL is an Associate Professor (Nippon
Foundation Chair) and Head of the Maritime Education and
Training Specialization at the World Maritime University
in Malmö, Sweden.

World Maritime University professor, Dr. Michael Manuel, states the importance of Filipino seafarers to international shipping, adding that “to lose 450,000 Filipino seafarers, many of whom work in international shipping, would definitely have an impact on international shipping, the lifeblood of world trade.” He was quoted in one of his intensive lectures during the Professional Development Course on Assessment, Examination, and Certification of Seafarers for Assessors, Examiners, & Administrators last week.

“If you lose that advantage, it will be very difficult to return to it,” Dr. Manuel continues, citing the need for strong and constant monitoring and supervision of seafarers’ competency levels in order to keep up with not just the demand for highly trained and equipped seafarers but also at keeping pace with technological advances in navigation systems.

The recently concluded development course is targeted to dedicated inspectors of both MARINA and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and the first of two training courses. The next training course, in cooperation and coordination with Denmark, will cover knowledge and understanding of maritime simulators and their use.