Happy birthday, MARINA!

MARINA’s birthday celebration started with a mass right after Monday’s flag ceremony and a speech from deputy administrator for operations and planning Atty. Nicasio Conti.

Creativity at work here.Are you ready?Overseas shipping showcase.The STCWO website.
A tent set up the day before featured stalls that showcased every division’s service, crafted by the respective division staff.

Brother Ricky as emcee.
MARINA’s office operations did not have to stop as staff took turns checking on what was going on in the tent.

Message from Dr. Mejia
Message from Dr. Mejia

After lunch break, Brother Ricky, our Mr. Richard D. Hora, who was master of ceremonies for the remaining leg of the program, continued the raffle draw of door prizes.

Was my name called?Making sure all winners are listed.I won?Picking for the prize this time.. . . and yet another winner.
The Philippine Coast Guard band set the tone for the awaited Boodle Fight dinner. The evening continued on with more winners and musical intermissions. MARINA just turned 41!

Sinally, boodle prep!

All set!

All hands on the table now.


Now, where could your ticket be?