MARINA News seen around the world


The MARINA News Digest is now seen, read, and talked about around the world, as generated by this site’s dashboard statistics per country. On the graph, the darker the color, the more views or visits are made. For a total of 1760 views during April, the top ten ranking views are from: Philippines, 1271 (72.21%); United States, 66 (3.75%); Japan, 38 (2.16%); Australia, 28 (1.6%); Netherlands, 23 (1.31%); United Kingdom, 19 (1.08%); Germany, 17 (1%); Singapore, 16 (0.9%); and Nigeria, 16 (0.9%). The rest of the world had 14 site visits or views down to 1 per country, at 16.89%.

Statistics provided are as of March 20.