Mejia warns ship, shipyard inspectors: Fulfill tasks, prevent accidents on domestic waters

MARINA Administrator Maximo Q. Mejia, Jr. warns MARINA ship and shipyard safety inspectors nationwide on slacking on their jobs and are told to do their tasks well in order to ensure smooth sailing and safety to all ships and ferries navigating inland channels, including the inspection of ships being repaired in shipyards. Corresponding penalties will be meted out to those who defy law and standards, and also to those who will be found abusive of their position. The maritime administration likewise warns shipyard owners and operators to provide safe working areas, health protection to their employees, and appropriate salaries and wages to technical workers and supervisors, naval architects, marine engineers, and skilled workers like welders, fitters, and others.

In a recent Ship Building, Ship Repair (SBSR) seminar-workshop held Feb. 5-7 at the Sarrosa International Hotel and Residential Suites in Cebu City, MARINA Shipyards Regulations Service (SRS) chief, Director Ramon C. Henandez and Director Nanette V. Dinopol (MARINA Region 7) cited that there are 113 domestic shipyards operating in Visayas, Mindanao, and Luzon, including Metro Manila, where seven belong to ‘large’ shipyards category, 12 ‘medium’, and 94 ‘small’.

The SBSR was attended by shipowners, domestic shipyard operators and managers and also served as venue for the creation of a national union of domestic shipyards to be named ‘Chamber of Philippine Shipyards’.