News of storm causes traffic queue in Matnog

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MARINA ADMINISTRATOR Dr. Maximo Q Mejia Jr shows a digital photo of a landing craft transport (LCT) and explains to GMA network reporter John Consulta the dimensions and capacity of the sea craft. Consulta interviewed Mejia regarding the Matnog traffic on May 19, 2015.

Story LeadBased on the final report sent by MARINA Region V director Engr. Jaime Bea, the number of trucks were reduced to the normal traffic flow after a week. The report also cited, “the long queue of trucks and passenger buses in Matnog [Sorsogon] is a given fact during the occurrence of typhoons.”

For the avoidance of similar incidents in the future, Bea recommended the following: (a) issuance of bill of lading prior to the arrival of ships to facilitate the loading of vehicles; (b) issuance of bill of lading by shipping companies to trucks with their POs even while on queue; (c) enforce a first-come-first-served system of service; (d) allow and ready vehicles inside the port loading area prior to the arrival of their assigned ship; (e) allow the use of all ramps to arriving ships; (f) the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) to issue order to STASCO (Arrastre) on the parking of tankers; (g) creation of a committee represented by PPA, STASCO (Arrastre) and shipping companies to address any future issues that would be raised; and (h) the assignment of traffic marshalls with proper coordination with shipping companies.

Further recommendations submitted were for the rationalization of shipping schedules; the deployment of regular landing craft transports (LCTs); active resolving of port congestion; relaxation of sailing schedules during inclement weather; and the provision of bigger holding areas to avoid the build up of trucks along Maharlika Highway.